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The Easiest, Most Perfect Method for Determining Your Ideal Lip Color


According to cosmetic artist Bobbi Brown, the most attractive lip colors will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.

Find a lipstick that looks nice on your face when you are wearing no makeup at all, Brown advised in her book, "Bobbi Brown Beauty," if she had to impart just one tip on choosing lip colors.

Apply lipstick or gloss on one lip to test out colors. You've found your shade if it is just one or two shades darker than your bare lip.

Yes, it really is that easy. What should you do if you like to purchase your lipsticks at a food store? Places you cannot try on lipsticks before purchasing, such as a store or department store? The color printed on the package is reliable. Simply place it near your lips and inspect it in the mirror while shopping. Or even better, observe the hue in a window where light from the outside comes in.

Always try before you buy, is what I advise. So, if you decide to buy a color from a pharmacy, find one with a lenient return policy, like Rite Aid.

Tight Lips? Avoid Wearing Dark Shades

Keep your lip color in the light to medium shade range if your lips are on the thinner side. Dark colors will simply highlight your tiny lips. The smoothness and gloss of tinted glosses and creamy lipsticks both increase plumpness.

How to Choose the Correct Red Shade

Many ladies hold the false belief that crimson lipstick is unwearable. Red lipstick transcends age and culture and is always in style. The undertones hold the key to selecting the ideal red lip color. Girls with pink skin should choose cherry red. Olive-skinned people may don fire-engine crimson. Deep reds look fantastic against dark skin. Red lipstick is a definite no-no: It's wise to avoid matching your lips to your attire.

Don't want to wear red lipstick all the time? I learned a quick tip from InStyle Magazine on how to apply a red lip color. With her finger, makeup artist Angela Levin applies red lipstick over Dr. Hauschka lip balm, which serves as a lip primer. The end product is a stunning ruby shine.

You hate the lipstick you just purchased, oh no!

Keep those lipsticks that are slightly off from being thrown away. By mixing lipsticks you don't like, you can produce a gorgeous lip color. Before applying lipstick, use a darker liner to muffle the brightness of an overly bright lip color.

When to Apply Lip Balm

When applying vibrant colors to the lips, use a lip brush. You must use a mirror and skilled application to avoid painting your mouth's outer edges.

Applying Lip Liner

Although you can line your lips before or after applying lipstick or gloss, I think that doing so makes my lips look more natural.

Before applying lipstick, line your lips with lip liner to prevent lipstick from fading so quickly. Because it serves as a color base, you retain color even after the lipstick goes off.

The Challenging Method of Choosing Lip Color

We can dive a little bit deeper into the science of hues and skin tone, yet choosing the proper shade is as simple as going a few shades darker than your natural lip color.

Lipstick colors like nudes, a somewhat apricot tint, pinks, and light corals look excellent on women with fair skin. Avoid using browns since they will look boring.

Medium skin tones can go a little bit darker. Roses, mauves, and berries will make you look gorgeous. Instead of using bright reds, think about using a deep burgundy. With dark or Black complexion, deep plum, chocolate, or red colors look amazing. The Allure's editors claim that "Women with dark skin "may go in one of two directions: toward brown or purple," according to Confessions of a Beauty Editor. Consider a wine or plum for the evening and a caramel or walnut for the day."

Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize is a designer whose vibrant, menswear-inspired designs will make you feel so happy simply by glancing at them. If mixing patterns and prints are your thing, you need to know about him immediately.

Brand: Kenneth Ize

Victor Glemaud

Glemaud is renowned for his amazing knitwear, in case you couldn't tell from his striped jumper. Thanks to his designs, you'll want to convert every item in your wardrobe to this material. If you enjoy color blocking and multicolored stripes, hopefully you were able to get something from his 2021 Target collaboration, which was almost immediately sold out.

Brand: Victor Glemaud

Heron Preston

Preston's streetwear aesthetic is well-liked by celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber. In addition to his recognizable graphic t-shirts, which typically feature the same bird, he also makes accessories including purses, phone cases, shoes, and belts.

BrandHeron Preston

Virgil Abloh


Virgil Abloh was the master of mixing luxury with streetwear. The Ghanaian-American creative director, one of the only Black designers to head a renowned luxury house as artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear collection, is frequently compared to the Karl Lagerfeld of the millennial generation. By continually pushing the envelope and revolutionizing the function of directing, he honored hip-hop culture and strove for improvement. His legacy endures even though he passed away in November 2021 after a quiet fight with cancer. His prelaunch collection for the AirForce 1 debuts in June 2022 and includes 47 original looks. You may view them (as well as the holograms) in advance at the amazing show currently running through

May 31 in Brooklyn.

BrandOff-White, Louis Vuitton menswear

Liya Kebede

African artisans create the apparel for Ethiopian model and designer Kebede's line, Lemlem. She established a charity that helps African women "by connecting them to healthcare, education, and pathways to jobs" through Lemlem.


Tracy Reese

Her name-brand line, which debuted in 1998, is renowned for its flowery patterns and retro-inspired designs. She's been a board member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America since 2007 and has dressed celebrities including Michelle Obama and Regina King. She debuted a stunning new brand in 2019 called Hope for Flowers, which emphasizes sustainability and moral production methods.

BrandsTracy Reese , Hope for Flowers


Yes, he's controversial, but there's no denying the impact of his Yeezy line on fashion. You've probably seen his sneakers everywhere because of his collaboration with Adidas, and he's also working with Gap to create a more budget-friendly range.


They are the most trendy individuals in the industry and they design even more trendy clothes.

Long-standing problems in the fashion business include a lack of inclusivity and diversity, which affect not only Black models but also designers themselves. It doesn't matter if they've been in the industry for years or are only now seeing success—these bright innovators are striving to shift the discussion in spite of the obstacles they've encountered. Together, they have clothed notable celebrities, made a splash during fashion week, and produced genuine pieces of art while adhering to their aesthetics and ideals.

Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei, and Abderrahmane Trabsi

Brand: Daily Paper

Jason Rembert

Rembert, a coveted Hollywood stylist known for his provocative styles, has dressed celebrities including Issa Rae and Marsai Martin. His opulent line, which includes many gorgeous items like the breathtaking dress Zendaya wore in her Netflix film Malcolm & Marie, is inspired by his mother (!)

Brand Aliétte

Kerby Jean-Raymond

Brand: Perry Moss 

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, James also developed the "15 Percent Pledge," which was introduced in 2020 and aims to provide Black businesses additional shelf space in retail establishments. She sells beautiful boots and purses under the name Brother Vellies, a sustainable accessories line.

Aurora James

James also developed the "15 Percent Pledge," which was introduced in 2020 and aims to provide Black businesses additional shelf space in retail establishments in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Beautiful boots and handbags (like the one she is carrying in this photo) are available from her ethical accessories line, Brother Vellies.

Brand: Brother Vellies

Telfar Clemens

The "Bushwick Birkin" is the name given to his well-known, signature-logoed purse designs. Telfar promotes gender-neutral clothes and creates unisex designs.


Romeo Hunte

Beyoncé, Saweetie, Keke Palmer, Michelle Obama, Zendaya, and Saweetie have all sported Hunte's creations. He's known for frequently wearing the buffalo-check pattern, as seen on his jeans in this photo, and his outerwear makes a statement.

BrandRomeo Hunte

Carly Cushnie

Numerous famous people, including Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Ashley Graham, Lupita Nyong'o, and Michelle Obama, have been spotted sporting the chic looks of designer Carly Cushnie. The New York Times called Cushnie "one of the most notable Black-owned brands in American fashion," opening doors for Black women in the industry. The world was surprised when Cushnie had to close owing to financial difficulties brought on by the epidemic because her sleek lines and luxurious fabrics were absolute "wow" creations. Thankfully, the designer is still producing, albeit in a smaller-scale manner. Designing a collaboration with the renowned American Girl dolls is among her most recent projects. Additionally, it came at the perfect time given how well she has been raising her children at home.

Brand: Cushnie

LaQuan Smith

He's a true celebrity favorite. Proof? Beyoncé, Rihanna, and countless others have all sported his designs. Basically, turn to LaQuan Smith for any glam or sexy attire requirements.

BrandLaQuan Smith


Yes, RiRi is the founder of not one, but TWO fashion lines, and you already know that. While Fenty provided extremely pricey clothing before regretfully closing in 2021, Savage X Fenty offers reasonably priced and size-inclusive lingerie (though it lives on as bomb beauty brand). She became the first woman—and the first Black woman—to lead her own independent brand at LVMH with the launch of the latter.

BrandsFentySavage X Fenty

Christopher John Rogers

His runway shows are frequently the topic of conversation during New York Fashion Week due to their vivacity and excellent styling. The Louisiana designer, who is only 28 years old, has already clothed prominent women like Cardi B and Michelle Obama. His most recent design is a whimsical Target collaboration that features cheerful yellow dresses, floral prints with puffed sleeves, and the trendiest combination of gingham and plaid. He won the American Womenswear Designer of the Year award at the CFDA Fashion

Awards in 2021.

Brand:Christopher John Rogers

Fe Noel

Designer Fe Noel's exquisite robes, swimwear, and ready-to-wear will genuinely make your life better. The gorgeous, vacation-worthy designs, like the one on the robe she is wearing above, will win you over.

BrandFe Noel

Dapper Dan

The made-to-order garments that the Harlem designer produces in his own studio are essentially associated with the hip-hop stars of the 1980s and 1990s. He has worked with Gucci and is renowned for adapting designer logos into his clothing. Even his memoir, in which he discusses his life as a Black designer and how he established his now-famous boutique on 125th Street, is available.

Brand: Dapper Dan

Dumebi Iyamah

Specializing in swimwear, there’s quite literally something for everyone (seriously, even brides!) from designer Andrea Iyamah’s stunningly colorful collections.

Brand: Andrea Iyamah

Anifa Mvuemba

The refined designs by fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba (available in sizes 0 to 20) are just the start of her ideas. Her most recent collection made its premiere in a mind-blowing, entirely digital, 3-D fashion show.

Brand: Hanifa

Mowalola Ogunlesi

The Yeezy design team for Kanye's Gap collaboration was helmed by the Nigerian-British designer. (Gap was scheduled to collaborate with Telfar; however, there is a different topic that you can read about here.) She also has a line of her own clothing that includes trendy items fit for a night out, like cutout dresses and long-sleeve bra tops.

Brand: Mowalola Ogunlesi

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